Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell direct to the customers?

Unfortunatly due to demand, we are unable to sell directly to the customers. See our list of dealers.

How much should I feed my horse?

The proper way to feed your horse is to feed it based off its weight. One and a half to two pounds of total feed, for every 100 lbs of body weight, divided in at least two feedings a day. For example, if you have a 1000 pound horse, you could feed it 20 pounds of feed a day. This feed can be split between pellets and flake hay depending on the needs of your horse. You can completely substitute our pellets for other feed if done over a period of a few weeks.

Of course, each horse is different and may require different feeding needs. The above is just a guidline. For more infomation feel free to call us or your horse nutrition specalist.

What do your pellets contain?

Our alfalfa pellets only contain alfalfa hay, our bermuda pellets contain only bermuda grass hay, etc. If it is mixed (alfalfa-bermuda) pellets, it contains 50% of each. We do not add any binders or fillers. The name of each product tells you exactly what it contains.

If you do not use a binder, how are your pellets held together?

In our pelleting process, the hay is ground and forced through 1/4 inch press and set with steam. The combination of the pressure, the steam, and the 1/4 inch size holds the pellet together without the need of binders.

Where is Mountain Sunrise located?

Our processing plant is located in the South-West corner of Utah, about 20 miles North of the city of Enterprise.